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Perth music stores are not only for humans but for everyone out there. No matter who you are or where you from, Music stores in Perth will always have the best deals, not only on this planet but in the whole universe. Simply buying from genuine music store means best product, best deal on all musical instruments Shop at genuine music stores, the biggest discount music stores like: Mega Music, Billy Hyde, Music Park, Sound Centre, Concept Music, Zenith Music, Just Music, Kosmic sound and few others. Music Stores from the west are the best ONLINE MUSIC STORES.
  • Kosmic Sound address: 94 Hector street, Osborne Parck WA 6017
  • Phone: (08) 9204 7577 National freecall hotline 1800 466 157
  • Openning Hours: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Thursday 9:00 am - 9:00 pm Suturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Sunday Closed.
And another guitar has been landed at Perth music store
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At Perth music stores prices are burning, be quick before they burned out.
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9228 2223 Billy Hyde    9470 1020 Park Pianos    9384 0560 Just Music    9383 1422 Zenith    9330 2777 Mega Music    9381 2277 Concept Music    Kosmic Sound online music store 9204 7577
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Best Music store in the world

Kosmic Sound is the Mecca for all musicians, the music store of pilgrimage for musicians. Absolutely everyone must visit music store at least ones in his live time. This wonderful music store supply only high quality musical instruments. Visit Kosmic Sound music store today, or go online.
Music Store - The Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Kosmic Sound

Musical Instruments in Perth

Perth Music stores are the Australian biggest music stores which sells musical instruments: PA and lighting, MIDI equipment, Computer Music, Studio and recording, DJ products, keyboards, pianos, music accessories and more the list go on and on and on...... Music stores employs over 300 expert staff, ready to help you at any time to choose the best musical instrument for you. Perth music stores has been in the business for over 40 years. You can rely on Perth music stores to get the best deal.
Kosmic Sound

Musical Instruments Online

This site recommends shopping for a musical instruments at genuine music stores like Mega Music, Billy Hyde, Music Park, Sound Centre, Concept Music, Zenith Music, Just Music, Kosmic Sound online music store and few others music stores in Perth of course. Full list of music stores on this site Music Sites
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Music Store. This site recommends shopping for all your musical instruments online. This site recommends shopping at Kosmic Sound the biggest discount music store. Shop smart shop online.